Waste Management

Recycling is much more exciting than regular ‘ole garbage, no? Lately I have been stumbling on so many ways to use what could be the trash but instead transforms into beautiful, fun, or decorative creations. I don’t have a problem recycling some things, but sometimes I get in a clutter rut with others and just have no clue what to do with them. Some of these ideas are just fun waiting to happen. Plus, I love tutorials with how-to photos in them! So great!

I just stand back and laugh when I open my closet. Aaagh! What size am I? To be such an organized person, a stranger would never guess it by looking in my loch-ness-ish abyss of mismatched apparel. Maternity mediums are hanging right by the petites and all seasons are slapdashed together in one gigantic mess. I blame it on the fact that I never stay in one size for more than three months – no joke! :) The dresser is the same with its lasagna-like drawers of Summer/Winter outdated chaos, but I guess that’s besides the point.

This week we are doing inventory of all of the closets, and I suspect I will have the same dilemma that I do every year: I have no clue where to put all of this clothing! Maybe I’ll post some before/after photos because that’s just fun! Maybe I should repost this and title it “Waist Management,” then! (Sorry, sometimes I get in a really corny mood and can’t stop.)

Okay, so I love Goodwill, and I even started my own “garage sale” site via Facebook that has proved to be a huge blessing to me and some other people who can use the stuff that has past through our walls. Let’s just say, though, that I want to be a little less boring and re-use some of those fibers. These are some fun-tastic ideas I have seen online; maybe some of you crafty types can put them to use as well!

Duct Tape Dress Form
Now this is a great idea! Not only can you use an old tee for fitting the form, you can actually stuff the whole thing with shredded old clothes! That’s saving like $200+!

Jeans to Apron

T-Shirt Yarn

Beautiful Fabric Scrap Wreath
It’s not really clothing, but nonetheless it’s gorgeous!

Bags and Boxes

We usually recycle our boxes and cartons, but the tutorials below are some attractive ideas for reusing them, too. And who doesn’t have that mountain of plastic bags just waiting to be reused? Awesome!

Cardboard Hipster Frames

Juice Carton Wallet

Plastic Bag Yarn

Recycled Bread Bag Tote

Fused and Re-bagged

For the Kids

I have so many photos that never seem to make it to their final destination. Sometimes I just let Lydia run around carrying them in the house because she loves photos so much. Something she and Steven have also started doing lately during “naptime” is sewing fabric scraps on heavy thread to make little animals. They like the sense of accomplishment, and I like the quiet. :) Here are some great ideas for kid-fun that I like of late.

Stickers From Books

Coloring Pages from Photos

Fabric Scrap Memory Game

Well, isn’t that fun?! Now for twenty extra hours to do all of it! Ha!


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